Hi there! I’m Britt, fellow animal lover and creative spirit. Serving the Northwest Ohio region, I have been photographing humans for a number of years as a portrait photographer. More recently, I have expanded my services – in the form of Big Love – to include our fuzzier family members.  My goal is to capture the unique personality of each and every Big Love that I am blessed to photograph.

I offer a custom, boutique experience for my wonderful clients who – like me – believe in the importance capturing our loved ones in breathtaking images and appreciate the fine art heirloom products I provide.

On a personal level, I am a happily devoted wife and mom of 1 two-legged and 3 four-legged children. My husband and daughter are every bit the animal lover I am, which is a nice feature in a family that is often outnumbered by the four-leggeds in our home. Currently, our furry children include Gert, the opinionated and vocal German Shepherd (fellow GSD parents know what I mean!), Jack, our grumpy little Rat Terrier mix, and Abby, a grey tabby fat-cat lap-hog who likes to think she can boss everyone else around.  Together we live a wonderfully messy, chaotic, happy life full of muddy paw prints on the floor and “Gert-bunnies” in every corner.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Ask any of my clients; I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!  I am passionate about capturing the essence of each of my portrait subjects. But, as with anyone, some subjects excite me more than others. My first clue that pet photography was an avenue I should pursue came on the occasions when my seniors or families asked to include their four-legged family members. Some of my absolute favorite moments in the past five years of portrait sessions have come about when the fuzzier variety of portrait subject was included. Over time, I began to feel the inevitable draw to offer services dedicated to capturing our furry family members. And so Big Love came into being.

Pet photography allows me to combine my two prevailing passions – art and animals.  Once I had decided to expand my offerings to include pets, the next big question was how to go about doing it. I knew I wanted to separate my people photography brand from a pet portrait brand, but struggled for a while with how to present it. 

Our pets have always been a huge part of our family’s life, and having recently lost our big Doberman/Rottweiler mix, Sonya, I could think of no better way of paying tribute to her than making her the face of my pet portrait business. The rest has fallen easily into place. Sonya was known within our family as “Big Love” as she was the largest of our pets, and also the most loving and cuddly. Sonya was our resident “leaner” who would happily have been a lap dog if her arthritis and size would have permitted it. More often than not, we would sit with her on the floor so she could get her fill of lap time. “Big Love” fit on so many levels. From there it has been full steam ahead.


LOVE is a four-legged word.  My job and mission are to deliver a custom portrait experience that captures the essence of your Big Love in beautiful heirloom artwork that will adorn your walls and melt your heart for years to come.Word-Art