I bet you’re wondering just how this all happens! Below is a high level outline of the Big Love process, so you know what to expect – and when – along the way.


Once you’ve browsed my site and decided that you’d like to work with me, give me a call or send me a message to set up a consultation call in which we will sort out all of your session details. I will send you a Questionnaire to learn a little more about you and your Big Love so I can be prepared for our discussion. 


During our consultation call, we will go over your Questionnaire answers, talk about your session preferences, heirloom products and session goals, location options and scheduling dates. I will also provide you with some preparation tips to get your Big Love ready for the spotlight! Once we’ve honed in on a date and destination, your completed contract and paid session fee will put you and your Big Love on my calendar!


It’s time for some fun! Your Big Love will have a such a blast hamming it up in front of the camera! I come equipped with toys, treats, and a lot of love to share. Remember, the more relaxed you are at the session, the more relaxed your pet will be. It’s always a good idea to exercise your pet for a bit before the session to burn off any excess energy. And being a wee bit hungry will make those treats more of a motivator. Even if your Big Love isn’t on their best behavior, don’t worry, we will take as long as we need to capture your furry baby’s big personality!

After the session, be sure to watch the Big Love social media sites for sneak peeks of your favorite furry face!


After about two weeks, we will meet up at the studio for the Big Reveal! You will get to see your Big Love’s gorgeous portraits for the first time in a musical slide show that will melt your heart. Then we will examine all of the wonderful, high quality professional product samples on display in the studio, choose your favorite images and make your product selections.


Once your order has been placed and payment received, it takes approximately two weeks for your artwork to arrive and be ready for you to display and enjoy in your home!