Just look at the smile on this happy guy’s face! Meet Eddie, a cute little man with splendid beard and whiskers who loved every minute of our time together.  Eddie’s mom helped me out by tossing balls and attracting his attention back to the camera, a game that he seemed to enjoy immensely.

These images were taken just before our spring weather yielded any visible leaves or flowers, so landscaping was a little lacking, but as you can see, it was still possible to get a great assortment of colorful images against the green grass, and the rusty red of the garage in this family’s back yard.

And because their house has such great lighting, we took advantage of the character of the indoor spaces as well to round out his set.

Ohio_Dog_Photographer_0012 Ohio_Dog_Photographer_0013 Ohio_Dog_Photographer_0014 Ohio_Dog_Photographer_0015 Ohio_Dog_Photographer_0016 Ohio_Dog_Photographer_0017

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