Meet the subject of Big Love’s very first pet portrait blog post, Miss Mercy Kitty! This serene little cat had a rocky start to life, but a series of lucky turn of events have led her to her forever home.

Found one blazing hot June day on a local golf course, Mercy was abandoned as a half-grown kitten. Local dogs had gotten ahold of her and her wounds had become infected. That didn’t keep her friendly personality from shining through that day, though, and my daughter and I wound up taking her to the vet for shots, deworming and assurances that she was not pregnant.

Go figure, we wound up having to deworm our entire household of pets after her arrival, and a short time later we welcomed a litter of three adorable kittens. It was our intent to adopt Mercy out, as our other cat did not approve of her presence in the house. However, while the kittens were easily place, Mercy had a harder time finding a home.  After a time, it became clear that Abby, the other cat, was not going to adjust to sharing laps, my mother volunteered to take her. At Granny’s house, Mercy is spoiled and happy, just as she should be. Is this not the face of contentment??

Ohio_Cat_Photographer_0009 Ohio_Cat_Photographer_0008 Ohio_Cat_Photographer_0007 Ohio_Cat_Photographer_0006

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